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Remarks at the Opening Ceremony by Han Qide, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, President of the Chinese People’s Association for Peace and Disarmament (CPAPD)


Han Qide

Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, and President of the Chinese People’s Association for Peace

and Disarmament (CPAPD)


Mr. Wang Yang, Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee,

Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Friends,


Good morning. On the International Day of Peace, I’m glad to be here with all of you to solemnly commemorate this day of great significance. First of all, I’d like to congratulate on the commemoration of the International Day of Peace & China-Southeast Asia Peace and Development Forum and extend a warm welcome to all the guests present today.

At the beginning of the opening ceremony, Mr. Wang Yang gave an important speech. The other speakers have spoken extensively on the theme of this year’s International Day of Peace — “Sustainable Peace for a Sustainable Future”, and proffered suggestions pertaining to this topic. Their wonderful speeches have assured us that peace and development run deep in people’s hearts. Peace is the fundamental condition for the survival and progress of mankind and is the common aspiration of all peoples around the globe. Despite the complicated and volatile international situation, peace and development remain the theme of our times. In the past five decades countries in the world, China and Southeast Asian nations included, have been making the best of the opportunities our time has to offer in their efforts to seek development. China, who is committed to reform and opening up and adheres to the path of peaceful development, is willing to make joint efforts with the rest of the world to meet the challenges and share the opportunities, so as to promote the building of a harmonious world of lasting peace and common prosperity.

In recent years, the Chinese People’s Association for Peace and Disarmament (CPAPD), as China’s largest non-governmental peace organization, has actively responded to the call of the United Nations by organizing activities every year in commemoration of the International Day of Peace to advocate the concept of peace in the country. These events have produced good effects, attracting more and more people year by year. This year’s commemoration jointly organized by the CPAPD, the United Nations System in China and the city of Shenzhen is of special significance. Due to geographical proximity, Guangdong has maintained close people-to-people contacts and trade relations with Southeast Asian countries since ancient times. Shenzhen, vanguard city in China’s reform and opening up, has enjoyed dynamic exchanges and fruitful business ties with countries in this region. We hope by hosting this event, we can make positive contribution to fostering a climate of peace and stability, equality and mutual trust for the common development in our region.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The theme of this year’s commemoration of the International Day of Peace and China-Southeast Asia Peace and Development Forum is “Sustainable Peace for a Sustainable Future”. It is our firm belief that only with lasting peace can we enjoy sustainable development and hence a beautiful future for mankind. Countries in this part of the world have a long history of friendly exchanges and share similitude in our cultural traditions. With a vast human resource and close relations and contacts in different fields, we enjoy exceptional advantages for cooperation in various sectors. Close cooperation and a peaceful environment have allowed China and Southeast Asia to enjoy rapid economic growth and social stability and have made this neighborhood one of the most dynamic regions in the world with the greatest potential for development. I believe that as long as we treasure the peaceful and stable atmosphere and invest further in regional cooperation and exchanges, countries in the region will enjoy greater prosperity, and steady development. To maintain regional peace and stability and to promote cooperation for peaceful development in the region rely on the support of the people as much as the efforts of the governments. We sincerely hope to deepen our friendship and cooperation with all peoples in Southeast Asia and create a regional environment for peaceful development featuring peace, cooperation and harmony on the basis of the existing solid friendship.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The world today is undergoing profound changes. Economic globalization and world multi-polarization are deepening. Rapid advancement is made in science and technology. Regional cooperation is prospering. All these have brought countries in the world closer to each other than ever before. As close neighbors connected by mountains or waters, China and Southeast Asian countries have shared weal and woe through thick and thin. The peoples have cultivated deep friendship through the long history. Since the establishment of the Dialogue Relations 21 years ago, China and ASEAN countries have maintained a sound and smooth cooperation in all fields. As developing countries in the same region, we face the same situation and challenges and share similar positions and views on many major issues. We have the same objectives and pursuits. We understand that the road to regional and global peace and development is no smooth journey. We need to stay together in face of both opportunities and challenges.

A peaceful and stable Southeast Asia has offered a conductive atmosphere for China’s development and in return, the peaceful development of China has provided opportunities for the development of Southeast Asia. China cannot develop without the world and the world cannot have full prosperity and stability without China. The Chinese people will continue to follow the path of peaceful development and will not pursue hegemony or seek military expansion. We will actively develop friendly relations with Southeast Asian countries and other countries in the world. We will promote peace and stability in the region by enhancing communication and cooperation and deepening mutual trust and friendship, so as to contribute to peace and development of mankind.

Dear friends, we have every confidence in the future of China and the future of all countries in Southeast Asia. Let’s move forward hand in hand to build a beautiful future for us all!

Thank you!