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Constitution of the Chinese People's Association for Peace and Disarmament
Article One.
The Chinese People’s Association for Peace and Disarmament (CPAPD) is a nation-wide non-governmental organization, founded by various concerned mass organizations and prominent personages from all walks of life in China.
Article Two  Objectives
To promote mutual understanding, friendship and cooperation between Chinese people and the rest of the world; in joint efforts with the world people to maintain world peace, oppose arms race and war, achieve disarmament, and strive for the complete prohibition and thorough destruction of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, and promote social harmony and sustainable development.
Article Three  Major Tasks
To give publicity to and conduct education connecting with peace and disarmament and organize relating activities to the public; to develop exchanges and cooperation with peace organizations, research institutions and personages in other countries, which maintain peace, advocate arms control and seek social progress; to participate in international NGO multilateral activities.
Article Four  Organizational Structure
Part one: the decision-making organ of the Association is the Joint Conference of member organizations. Its functions are:
----to formulate and modify the general constitution of the Association;
----to discuss and decide on major guiding principles and activities of the Association;
----to coordinate relevant activities of member organizations;
----to review reports on the work of the Association;
---- to elect president and vice-presidents of the Association after full consultations.
The tenure of the Joint Meeting of member organizations is 5 years and the work conference is held annually and can be held at any moment if it is indispensable.
The executive body of the Joint Conference is the board of directors, its responsibilities are: fulfill the decision of the Joint Conference; review and decide the work programs of the Association; review the preparatory work of the Joint Conference; identify or adjust member of the Board and Secretary-General and deputy Secretary-General; discuss and decide other issues.
Part two: The Association appoints one secretary-general and several deputy secretaries-general; they assist the work of the president and vice-presidents. The Association has a general office, a research division and other indispensable organs under the leadership of the secretaries-general. The general office is responsible for the routine of the Association. 
Article Five  Membership
Any Chinese non-governmental organizations which commit themselves to the cause of peace can apply for the membership of the Association. Members of the Association are mostly organizations, while it is also able to incorporate some celebrities from all walks of life.
Article Six  Fund
The fund of the Association is donated by member organizations, individuals and others.
Article Seven  Location
Headquarter of the Association is located in Beijing.